Ultrarealistic NewGAN Faces

Ultrarealistic Newgan Faces

Do you love Football Manager and want the ultimate gaming experience? Our facepack is exactly what you’re looking for! The „Ultrarealistic CutOut Facepack by RocknRolla & FM.Z Community“ makes your newgens look more alive than ever before!

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What you get:

  • Ultra-realistic faces: hanks to state-of-the-art AI technology, generated players in your Football Manager game world look more lifelike than ever before. The details and textures are simply breathtaking.
  • Choice of two styles:
    • Cutout Faces (36606 Faces)
    • Cutout faces with kit (36865 faces)
  • Compatibility with NewGAN Manager: Our face pack is fully compatible with NewGan Manager, so you can easily integrate the images into your save.
    Ultrarealistic Newgan Faces
  • Diverse ethnicities: Our face pack represents the full range of human ethnicities – with faces from 164 countries. No matter where your players are from, from now on they’ll look like the real world in Football Manager.*
  • Diverse characters: Our face pack contains the future stars of football: street footballers, birds of paradise, well-behaved boarders, real character heads. Give your team a unique charm!

How to integrate the Ultrarealistic Faces into Football Manager

You have two options:

  1. If you already use the NewGAN Manager:
    1. Simply integrate the images into the existing image folder of the NewGAN Manager to enlarge your image pool (and keep the images assigned so far).
    2. or replace the image folder 1:1 if you only want to use the Ultrarealistic Facepack.
  2. If you don’t use the NewGAN-Manager yet, we recommend downloading it (available for PC & Mac). With it you can automatically and ethnically correctly assign the pictures to all (!) players generated in your score.
  3. Assign manually: If you want to choose the faces for your team yourself, you can of course also assign them manually. For this purpose, we have named the pictures with ISO country codes so that you can easily assign them to the different nations. This is how you do it:
    1. Das geht so:
      1. Display unique ID in the FM settings
      2. Create a new folder in „graphics/players“, which is alphabetically beneath the actual facepack
      3. Place the desired images in the new folder and name them according to the player’s ID.
      4. Take the empty config.xml and put it in the folder.
      5. Enter the ID in the config.xml in the two places provided
      6. Empty the cache in Football Manager and reload the skin
      7. Done. Have fun with the NewGan faces :-)

Download Ultrarealistic Faces here:

Ultrarealistic Newgan Faces

Ultrarealistic Newgan Faces mit Trikots

Ultra Realistic Staff Pack

The staff pictures must be added manually to Football Manager.

Support & Contact

Found an error? Reach out!

We pride ourselves on having high quality standards, but we’re not perfect. If you have any suggestions or have found a mistake, please let us know – the best way to reach us is on Twitter/X @fmrocknrolla.

We are also happy to receive pictures of your new NewGans there :-)

We are looking for support!

We are always looking for dedicated football fans and talent to help us improve and expand our facepack. Not only will you generate player images for your Football Manager save, but you’ll also learn a future technology with AI image generation.

If you’re interested, feel free to get in touch with us.

Are you a content creator?

If you are a YouTuber, blogger or streamer and use our facepack, we would be very happy if you linked us in the credits of your content.

Your support helps us to continue to provide quality content for the FM community. Thank you :-)


A big thank you to all the supporters and creators who have worked so diligently to generate the faces:

Flouw, Salty_Toad, Faro21R, FreshMo, Philipp, Latscher, LiquidSnake89, pfanne1988, pumiii, Rondon25, RoterBaron, Timii09, timmyfck, DBodes, LiverBird_FM


* NewGAN Manager allocates according to regions/nations or second nation, but also takes ethnicity, skin colour and other filters into account. This means that our country-specific faces do not always match the superordinate region.

For this reason, we have created subfolders in which you will occasionally find additional faces. You can either move these manually into the region folder (and thus also use them in the NewGan Manager) or use them for manual allocation.)

13 Kommentare

  • I’ve noticed that it doesn’t work for players of some nationalities, such as Argentine, Turkish, British, etc. Has anyone else experienced the same issue? I followed all the steps the same way and I’m sure I loaded the IDs of the players that not applied in the text file, but I can’t find a solution.
    These players are found in an RTF extension file, but are not found in the config file created by the app.

  • Hey I seem to have an issue with the Kit pack. On some players it assigns the wrong nation and therefore they look weird. My argentinian regen is rocking a german NT kit. How can I fix this?
    Thanks for the work

  • Hey, I have run into the issue that they are assigning the faces slightly wrong on the KIT Pack, for example my Argentinian new Gan has a german kit. Sometimes it is right other times it is completely off. Is that intended or am I doing something wrong?

    • No, this is intended bahaviour as Football Manager uses the ethnicity and doesn’t know which kit the player wears.

      However there’s an update for Newgan-Manager in the making which will change that.

  • Hi i have just started using this pack, great fun well done , all that will be needed for me.
    I have a slight problem, which is that the config file has not, amongst other assigned Central European Faces (maybe others as well.
    The config file is showing South American (the ones I have checked).
    . Player from England, Northern European Skin 3
    I have done the process a number of times. Followed instruction exactly

    I have checked some of the national Scandinavian/Caucasian files, they seem to be missing a .DS_Store file .
    I have downloaded the pack 3 times all downloads the same.

    Thanks for all your help.

    • Unfortunately, we are currently unable to reproduce this „error“ or have no direct solution for it.

      However, we will soon release a version update of the pack and the NewGan Manager with direct nation assignment, which will most likely make this problem obsolete.

  • I tried this too but nothing, thanks anyway

  • Hi, I followed the instructions to transfer the staff NewGans, but I don’t see them loaded, perhaps I did something wrong in the config.xml file or in the positioning of the folder with the chosen faces, could you explain these steps better? A thousand thanks

    • You have to assign staff faces manually. Did you clear your cache and reloaded the skin?

      • Yes i did it all, with players everything is ok, but with staff no, shouldn’t I also insert -r before the id here?

      • I’m not sure, but you can easily check it in Football Manager.

      • Hello

        Newgan generates an r- in front of the player id so the image cannot be loaded into the game.
        Example id: r-2002003038. If I modify by hand and remove the r- you see the images in the game but of course doing it for everyone is crazy.
        Any idea why NEWGAN puts the r- in front of the player id when generating the xlog?

      • Because Football Manager uses the r- for Newgens nowadays. So it’s correct behaviour.

        To remove it more quickly you can use the find and replace function of your text editor.


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